When to call

When to call Different types of diapers.

From a type of diapers which you will choose, depends, how soon the child will recover.

One diapers are covered with an aloe layer for mitigation protection of skin of the kid.

Others contain kaltsinirovanny soda interactions with the ammonia causing pelenochny dermatitis.

The third have antibacterial impregnations absorb urine and protect from py skin of the kid.

Some types of diapers are gppoallergenny and protect skin from irritation.

When to call the doctor.

Pelenochny dermatitis demands intervention of the doctor in case you did not manage to consult with it by own efforts during a sin of days.

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ActuallyI collect a material about secrets since the end ~ years did ~ secrets of many girls, asked to children questions of for what ~you become.

My researches allow to bring some results nowand to answer a question why there is this children's tradition In a case with it does not die away, and prospers.

Actually it is a cultural samplebehavior which steadily remains in children's subculture.

In the middle ~ years to mehas the luck to write down Natalia Georgiyevna Gorbatova's stories about a children's life of the beginning~ years.

She was born in in a family of working Obukhovsky plant, and its childhood passedin the suburb of Petersbur in the village of Aleksandrovsk, on Troitskaya Street now it is Gribaka Street ~ny Nevsky area Sankt~peterburga.

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On behalf

On behalfTOYS AND GAMES ON th WEEK Verses and songs Children enjoy listening of simple verses which can be accompanied movements or actions.

Of an old sock make a doll which can be put on a hand.

On behalf of a doll tell to the kid short story.

Sing a song.

Children very much love such representations.

Rattles, rings and other rustling subjects at the age of five weeks at the kid the hvatatelny reflex actively develops.

Safe rattles and rings will have as it is impossible by the way.

Toys of any sizes and types will approach.

Can offer the kid a rubber or rag doll with a pishchalka placed in a doll little body.

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But that is not too surprisin

But that is not too surprisin Well, not fig to itself! And coffee blew who I without music cannot! I said, and Fred Darst confirmed it with spiteful shout from columns.

But that is not too surprisin Laziness mothers was not given.

I took offense and went to a pampas.

Having returned with new DVDI baby food, I took seat to watch the film, periodically distracting on the niece or the granddaughter, which jumped on my neck.

Mother with croutons taxied up.

Zaryana dragged chips.

We are pokhrustel and amicably began to argue, to whom to go to put a teapot.

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Let's sum up a today's lesson. Paul

Let's sum up a today's lesson. Paul– Whether it is good to tell such about Fields if he did not make anything similar– No, mister the teacher, to the Field it will be bad, it is a malicious and wild act.

– Exactly so, children, lie, desire to blacken the person a malicious, wild act, it is called as slander.

I will explain to you later that people call malignant gossip if someone tells about others unpleasant things which occurred actually.

I will show you awful consequences of slander and malignant gossip.

Let's sum up a today's lesson.

Paul the live being allocated with feelings.

We have no right to cause to it pain, to rob, slander it.

We should respect him.

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